MUCCnet - Munich Urban Carbon Column network

Column Greenhouse Gas Concentrations

MUCCnet is the first permanent sensor network in Munich for the quantification of the greenhouse gases carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4) and is operated by the Technical University of Munich since September 2019. The sensor network consists of five high-precision optical measuring instruments (FTIR spectrometers), which analyze the solar spectrum and can thus determine the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. More information about the measuring principle can be found here.

Our cover picture shows the southern measuring station in Taufkirchen looking south during sunrise. In order to be able to analyze the solar spectrum unhindered and to prevent vandalism, all our measuring systems are located on the roofs of public buildings. We would like to thank the municipalities of Feldkirchen, Gräfelfing, Oberschleißheim and Taufkirchen for the permission to place our measurement systems on their buildings.

In the interactive graphic below, you can view the concentrations of greenhouse gases measured to date. Further down the page, our five locations in downtown Munich (TUM), Taufkirchen (TAU), Gräfelfing (GRA), Oberschleißheim (OBE) and Feldkirchen (FEL) are each shown on a map. Since our measurement principle is based on the analysis of the solar spectrum, we can only measure during the daytime and not when it is too cloudy. Therefore, there are not corresponding measured values for all days.

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